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The Home Builders Association of Northwest Indiana (HBA of NWI) is the result of the consolidation in January 2011 of the Building Industries Association of Northwest Indiana (BIA) and the Porter County Builders Association. The BIA was chartered as an affiliated association of NAHB in 1954 and covered the Lake County territory. The PCBA was chartered in 1976 and covered the Porter County territory. Now HBA of NWI holds the National Association of Home Builder’s charters for both Lake and Porter Counties in Indiana.


The noteworthy history of this Association is reflected in the leadership of the top builders and developers in Northwest Indiana, along with the participation and support of thousands of associate members representing various trades and businesses.


For over 50 years, the members of the Association have worked locally, statewide, and nationally to enhance the building industry in Northwest Indiana. The members of HBA of NWI are at the forefront of the creation of a multitude of developments in both counties, with a focus on providing the residents of Northwest Indiana with affordable, quality housing.


Over the years the Association has produced very successful Parades of Homes showcasing the latest in home-building and remodeling and the Home & Garden Shows (now Home Improvement Market, f.k.a.Home & Lifestyle Shows) featuring home-building and home-improvement products and ideas. Thousands of visitors attend these events annually. Also, members have supported charities in both counties by donating funds or organizing and participating fundraising events and building projects.


With the resources and leadership of both counties combined into a regional Association, the Home Builders Association of Northwest Indiana is able to offer its members more opportunities for business and encourage new business relationships that cross county lines.


The Home Builders Association of Northwest Indiana seeks to provide a unified approach to development, a powerful voice in the formulation of local policies that affect housing, and consumer education about affordable and innovative home construction options. The Association’s goal is to promote well-planned growth, development, and building standards that will provide the residents of Northwest Indiana with quality and affordable housing in the future.